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Commercial Trash Compactor Rental

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Waste management is a considerable expense for most businesses. If you’re looking to save time and money, investing in a compactor is one of the best moves. With a compaction system, you can effectively and efficiently handle your waste and reduce costs.

At Rumpke, we design and build compactors to fit your needs. Performance and quality are guaranteed with a one-year warranty. Each compactor comes with programmable controls for easy operation.

Trash Compactor Benefits

Trash compactors are an amazing hack for waste management. Businesses in all industries stand to benefit from trash compaction. Some of these benefits include:

Enhanced hygiene and safety

Trash compactors enable you to properly manage and dispose of waste. With a trash compactor, you reduce the chances of employees falling, tripping or slipping, so it’s easier to comply with workplace safety regulations.

Lower labor costs

Trash compactors eliminate time-consuming and distracting trips to take out the trash. With a waste compactor, you only need to push a button. Additionally, the compacted waste generated is a lot easier to transport because it is one item, not several loose pieces of trash.

Lower operational costs

Waste management is an essential business costs, but it doesn't have to be expensive. When you compact waste, you cut cost by reducing the waste volume. The smaller the waste volume, the fewer trips are needed to collect it and the smaller the space required to store it.

Aesthetic benefits

Piles of garbage are an eyesore for everyone, from your employees to your customers. Trash compactors help you clean up and make the site a lot nicer to work in. You can turn your environment into a neat, organized area without many trash cans or garbage overflow.

Compactors for Rent

If you’re moving from a trash container to a trash compactor, it might be a big step to buy a compactor. You can start by renting one as a trial run to see how much your business will save on waste management costs. Rumpke offers the following compactors for rent:

Self-Contained Systems

  • RSC-30 Compactor is designed liquid-tight, making it perfect for hospitals, food processing facilities, supermarkets and shopping malls. The self-contained system also controls insects and odors and avoids messy separation from the compactor.

Stationary Systems

  • R-200 Compactor is a standard duty compaction unit that’s perfect for use in commercial settings and residential complexes. The R-200 is crafted and equipped to manage dry waste and recyclable material, including cardboard and fiber.
  • R-300 Compactor is a high-quality compactor built to perform in an industrial environment. Crafted with a large, clear-top opening, reinforced charge box and 30 tons of compacting force, it’s ideal for furniture and industrial sites.
  • R-500 Compactor is designed for environments with high volumes of waste, like heavy industrial sites and transfer stations.

What’s the Right Trash Compactor for Your Business?

Consider the following factors when looking for a trash compactor:

  • Type of waste materials: Trash compactors are designed for different types of waste materials. Commercial compactors can compress everything from wood, cardboard, food waste and even metal, but not every model will be appropriate for all materials.
  • Quantity of waste to be processed: Commercial compactors are designed to handle a specific amount of waste, so you must determine the volume of materials you need to be compressed to find the best fit for your business. For instance, heavy industrial sites need stationary compactors to manage the volume of waste they generate.
  • Training level needed for safe operation: Commercial compactors come with safety features for the user. Small self-contained compactors are easy to operate and typically don’t require the level of training the larger units do. The smaller units also create small bales of compressed material, making disposal easier.

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