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Check the List Not the Label

Just because an item says it is recyclable, doesn’t mean you can toss it into your recycling bin. Virtually everything we buy has the chasing arrows, indicating the item can be recycled.  Some packages even state “please recycle.” 

The truth is, anything can be recycled IF there is someone willing to turn the item into something new.  

While there are companies actively converting recycled plastic, aluminum, and paper into new and useful products, their need for the material depends largely on the demand for their products. A lack of demand for their products limits the type of materials that are acceptable in recycling programs, which in turn limits the types of items residents can recycle.

Rumpke Recycling tries to sell the majority of material it collects to local companies such as Signoid in Florence, Ky., or Franklin Paperboard in Franklin, Ohio, to help stimulate the local economy. However, Rumpke Recycling does have a global network of buyers to ensure residents can put the maximum number and types of materials into their bins or carts each week. 

This global network has allowed Rumpke to expand its acceptable items list over the years to include a wider variety of paper, plastic and glass.

Today, Rumpke accepts the following items in its residential recycling programs: plastic bottles and jugs, glass bottles, aluminum and steel cans, cardboard, paperboard and paper. 

However, because of low demand, items such as yogurt or margarine containers, plastic lids or Styrofoam aren’t currently accepted in Rumpke’s residential program. 

In addition to its residential programs, Rumpke has also developed commercial recycling options where we can help customers to market large volumes of materials specific to their manufacturing or construction process.

At Rumpke, we know that providing residents with greater recycling options is key to conserving our natural resources and landfill space for the future. We will continue working to identify markets for additional materials. Please review this list of acceptable material and concentrate on maximizing the amount of these items your family puts in your recycling bin each week.