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Row Of Rumpke Portable Restrooms For Waste And Recycling Event Services Row Of Rumpke Portable Restrooms For Waste And Recycling Event Services 1

Waste & Recycling for Special Events

Find Services and Information for Your Location

Bringing a community together has never been easier than with Rumpke’s customized event waste and recycling services. Throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and parts of West Virginia, we ensure that the next fair, concert, game, wedding, or other local extravaganza is much more enjoyable by having our easy-to-manage waste services. From small gatherings to major festivals welcoming thousands of attendees, we are professionals who have the experience, expertise, and equipment to take care of all your waste needs to guarantee your next event is the magical experience your guests can enjoy.

Services We Offer

Two Rumpke Waste And Recycling Containers For Event Services

No matter if you are hosting a small group of pickleball enthusiasts or a massive regional fair, Rumpke has you covered. We offer a wide selection of commercial dumpsters and containers that meet your various disposal needs. That includes having recyclable containers for a more eco-friendly situation.

We work with event organizers to determine the best container options, including:

  • Single-use event boxes with plastic liners
  • Rolling carts for easy mobility around your event
  • Open top, roll off dumpsters as central collection points
  • Other specialty containers to fit your needs

Dumpster & Container Options

Eight Rumpke Portable Restrooms At Event

Our team at Rumpke can provide clean and comfortable portable restroom facilities as part of our event services. We want to be sure to match our portable restroom rentals to the unique challenges of your event, so we provide a variety of specialty options to ensure a reliable solution for your guests.

Our portable restrooms come with high-capacity containers and additional options to ensure your guests will feel clean and refreshed when they return to your show, concert or other community events.

Standard Restroom Units

Our standard portable restrooms are built with a sturdy design and exceptional ventilation, allowing your guests to quickly get back to the main event.

Wheelchair Accessible and ADA-Compliant Restroom Units

At Rumpke, we are committed to serving everyone in our diverse community, and that includes following ADA standards so that those patrons needing a wheelchair-accessible portable restroom have a solution. With ground-floor access, self-closing doors, and secure handrails, we create a spacious interior that allows complete maneuverability for those guests requiring a little more room to complete their business.

Luxury Restroom Trailers

Need something a little more upscale for your product launch or upcoming wedding reception? Don’t worry. Our professional waste and recycling team at Rumpke has you covered. 

We offer luxurious portable restroom trailers fully equipped with the latest amenities, air conditioning, lights, sinks, and flushing toilets that add a flair of comfort to enhance your venue services.

Rumpke Hand Sanitizer Station For Event Services

Over the past years, our society has become more aware of the power of clean hands to prevent the spreading of germs and unwanted ailments. We provide easy-to-use hand sanitizer stations to be strategically placed throughout your upcoming event. 

This helps promote safe hand hygiene and better ensures the safety of your guests. It makes it easy for everyone from busy parents with sticky hands to the accidental soda explosion to get the much-needed cleanliness for a more comfortable event experience.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Rumpke Portable Wash Station And Eight Porta Pottys At Event

For those messes that get a bit more complicated to handle, our team at Rumpke can deliver freestanding wash stations. These range from two-person to four-person stations, each with soap, paper towel dispensers, and freshwater for the convenience of your guests. 

We frequently see our wash stations rented alongside our portable restroom facilities. This provides an excellent crowd management solution, all while reducing the spread of germs during your concert, magic show, community awards or other events.

Wash Stations

Rumpke Holding Tank For Event Services

We live in a diverse area with all kinds of exciting construction and project development occurring every day. In addition to our venue services for proper crowd management, we also provide holding tanks for construction site teams and event planning setup crews. These are perfect for adding more water capacity to your event, job site, or other location and come in 250 and 300-gallon capacities.

Holding Tanks

Plan Your Event with Rumpke

Plan your event with us and give yourself the freedom to focus on other needs like food, entertainment and promotion. We’ll handle the waste, recycling and restroom needs!

1. Reach Out in Advance

Contact our team as early as possible so we have time to understand your needs and begin planning. We’ll handle your event no matter the geographic location, crowd size or waste volume expected.

2. Coordinate with Us

Rumpke will stay in close communication with your event team throughout the entire event to ensure no issues arise. And if it does? We’ll be readily available. Our team understands how to ensure you have a clean and safe venue.

3. Keep it Clean!

Most importantly, once the planning is finished, let’s keep it clean! Let’s work together to keep your event clean and comfortable.

Venues We Service

For years, Rumpke has been a locally trusted partner with various special event and venue services to ensure a safe, clean, and comfortable guest experience. We are happy to discuss any upcoming event you may have on the books. Even if it's not listed below, we are always happy to find ways that ensure an exceptional guest experience for your special event.

✔️ Festivals & Fairs

✔️ Weddings

✔️ Public Parks & Rec Areas

✔️ University Gatherings

✔️ Influencer Marketing

✔️ Community BBQs

✔️ Outdoor Movies

✔️ Campgrounds & RV Parks

✔️ Government Social Events

✔️ Stadiums

✔️ Construction Sites

✔️ Birthdays

✔️ Seasonal Farming Events

✔️ Promotions

✔️ Arenas 

✔️ Concerts

✔️ Sporting Events

✔️ School Meets

✔️ Product Release Parties

✔️ Ballparks

Keep Your Venue Clean with Rumpke

As a leading business in our industry, Rumpke is your solution to event and venue services that need comprehensive waste solutions. From luxurious portable restrooms to freestanding sanitizing stations to doing your part with recycling containers, Rumpke is a versatile team able to meet your waste and recycling needs.

Contact us or request event services below and let’s get started. We look forward to helping your next concert, fair, gathering or other community event be a wild success!