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Rolling High Rise Portable Restrooms

Rolling High Rise Portable Restrooms Rumpke

Designed for high rise construction sites, these units can be wheeled in and out of hard-to-reach places, where height restrictions will not allow standard units. Rolling high rise units are equipped with heavy duty casters and can be easily lifted with a crane or elevator.


  • Height with Roof: 91 inches
  • Height without Roof: 69 inches
  • Width with Roof: 35 inches
  • Width without Roof: 33 inches
  • Length with Roof: 61 inches
  • Length without Roof: 53 inches
  • Weight with Roof: 287 pounds
  • Weight without Roof: 251 pounds

Rumpke's Portable Restroom Services

With Rumpke you can say goodbye to the stress of finding and setting up restrooms for your events. Our rolling high rise portable restroom units and accessories make it easy to provide comfortability and convenience for any occasion.

Start right now and fill out the form below for Rumpke portable restroom services!