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Pieces Of Recycled Tires By Rumpke Recycling Services 1 Pieces Of Recycled Tires By Rumpke Recycling Services

Tire Recycling

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Can Old Tires Be Recycled?

Pile of Rubber Tires on Trailer for Rumpke Tire Recycling Services

Yes! In fact you might say that Rumpke has mastered tire recycling.

Annually, Rumpke partners with many communities and businesses in its local service areas to collect and recycle millions of used and unwanted tires.

Federal law restricts the disposal of tires in landfills, but recycling companies and product manufacturers have been creative in finding ways to recycle and repurpose old tires once they can no longer be used on vehicles.

Recycle Your Tires with Rumpke

Rumpke works directly with businesses, government entities and others that generate large amounts of tires as well as individuals working to clean up illegal tire dumping sites.

Tire Collection and Drop-off

Many of Rumpke’s facilities also have tire recycling drop off stations for individuals looking to dispose of tires.

Let Rumpke Take Care of Your Recycling Needs

Rumpke has made significant investments in recycling technology. With more than 90 years of experience and state-of-the-art processes for solid waste and recycling, we know what it takes to create cleaner and greener communities.

Choosing Rumpke to provide tire recycling and disposal services means you’ll get much more than just one service. No other provider in the area offers as many value-added services as we do. If you need a partner in commercial recycling services for your business, know that we offer a full range of options to meet your needs including commercial dumpsters. We also offer commercial trash pickup.

Tire Recycling FAQs

Rumpke collects tires from automotive and tire stores as well as tire cleanups throughout our service region. The tires are transported to our tire recycling facility outside of Hamilton, Ohio, where they go through a series of machines to prepare them for end use.

First, the tires are loaded into a rough cut machine to break the tires down to approximately 8 to 10 inches wide by 24 inches long. These pieces then travel a conveyer to be fed into another shredding machine that will cut the tires into smaller pieces. At the end of the process, the tire shreds will be less than 4 inches long. Once complete, the tires are shipped to Rumpke sites to be beneficially reused in landfill construction.

Rumpke always strives to protect the environment and human health. By adopting tire recycling at a local and regional level, we can:

• Eliminate homes and breeding places for mosquitos, rodents, ticks and other animals that spread disease.
• Reduce chances of tire fires.
• Beneficially reuse the material in landfill construction.

All rubber tires from vehicles can be recycled, including:

• Car tires
• Truck tires
• Tractor tires
• Bicycle tires

Recycling Tires?

Fill out our service request form below and let our recycling experts help you! Have questions or concerns? Contact us right now and get in touch with a Rumpke service expert.