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Healthcare & Medical Waste Services

Find Services and Information for Your Location

Rumpke provides tailored services to manage, remove and safely handle your non-hazardous healthcare and medical waste throughout the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and parts of West Virginia. Healthcare offices and practices are some of our most valuable businesses in our local communities, and that’s why Rumpke offers customized service for a safe and reliable waste management system that protects your staff, patients and the environment.

From small to large waste streams, no matter the volume of waste generation, Rumpke has your hospital or office covered. Our goal is to find a cost-effective strategy to ensure the complexities of handling your industry-specific waste are managed effectively every step of the way. 

Healthcare Businesses We Service

We can handle large-scale medical centers, community hospitals, and urgent care facilities. Our team uses comprehensive waste management solutions to ensure your facility remains clean and compliant.

Whether you run a primary care clinic or a specialty practice, our customized services will smooth your operation, so you focus on providing quality patient care.

We understand dental offices' unique waste management needs and can provide tailored solutions to keep your practice clean and safe.

Our services are ideal for care clinics that specialize in home health, hospice or long-term care.

Service Options

We are one of the industry's most experienced and knowledgeable waste companies, providing cost-effective solutions for hospitals, medical facilities, long-term care homes, and more. With over 90 years of experience in the waste and recycling business, we can find a customized solution for your facility's needs.

At Rumpke, we want to do our part in ensuring every local healthcare provider has a safe, clean, and reliable working environment. We can best achieve this by partnering with your team to provide a comprehensive range of waste service options designed to your unique needs and challenges.

Our solid waste collection and pickup services are designed to ensure that all non-hazardous medical waste is collected and disposed of safely and efficiently. Our robust pickup schedule meets your operating hours to ensure your medical facility remains clean and free from waste. This way, your patients feel welcomed and ready for every appointment scheduled.

We are happy to provide containers and compactors fitting your volume of needs. These range from large roll-away containers to smaller baskets under the desks of your support staff. With an emphasis on professional commitment to the environment and community image, Rumpke is your solution for quality healthcare waste management.

Trash Collection & Pickup

We are committed to helping healthcare facilities reduce their environmental impact and divert as much waste away from our landfills as possible. That is why we offer recycling solutions to help you sustainably manage your waste. We can help you recycle waste items such as paperplasticglassaluminum, and more.

Every business, including the healthcare industry, is acutely aware of the impact excess waste can have on our local environment. By emphasizing your recycling efforts, you are demonstrating your dedication to a better tomorrow.

Our team makes it easy to recycle. We offer customized recycling plans that fit the unique needs of your hospital, healthcare facility, group home, urgent care and more.

Recycling Solutions

We understand that there are always items that can be large and cumbersome to dispose of. That is why we offer large-item pickup services to take care of all the heavy lifting and ensure the proper disposal of these items.

In certain areas, our team provides large items and junk removal, ranging from older furniture in your long-term care facility to oversized medical equipment that has broken down and needs safe disposal. In addition, we can come to your facility for pickup, saving your team time to address your patient needs. 

Large-Item Pickup

Our roll off dumpster rentals are ideal for healthcare facilities that generate a large amount of waste. We have many sizes to suit your needs and can customize our services to meet your requirements. We do everything possible to accommodate your needs, so you have a safe and efficient system for your patients, staff and providers.

Dumpster Rental

Rumpke also offers compactor rentals in addition to our roll-off dumpsters for healthcare facilities that generate a significant amount of waste daily. Our compactors are designed to help you save time and money by reducing waste volume and optimizing collection schedules.

These are exceptional solutions to prevent scavenging, odors, or litter in your area. This conserves space in your healthcare facility and makes onboarding new maintenance and support staff using our compactors quick and painless.

Compactor Rental

Not sure where to begin with our professional healthcare waste services? Don’t worry. Our experienced and professional team is happy to schedule a waste and recycling audit for your private practice or healthcare facility.

We’ll look closely at your organization’s waste stream and identify areas where you may be potentially losing money or time due to inefficiencies. We then work out a strategic plan that meets the regulatory requirements and needs of your staff so that you have a safe, reliable, and cost-effective solution to keeping your practice or facility clean and ready to accept new patients.

Click below and schedule an audit with our team today, and let’s transform your healthcare waste management!

Waste & Recycling Audit

Healthcare FAQ

While the needs of every facility may vary, in general, medical waste refers to any materials generated during the diagnosis, treatment, care, or immunization of humans. This may include sharps, biological waste, spoiled laundry, and equipment.

We are continually impressed by those dedicated family members and friends working hard to maintain a quality of life for anyone experiencing short or long-term illness. However, we encourage you all to safely consider the proper disposal of medical waste, especially sharps.

The best option is to contact our team at Rumpke for help, but in the meantime, please place all sharps in a heavy plastic container with the cap on and secure the lid with heavy-duty tape to prevent leakage. Then label the container with the word “SHARPS” on all sides in big, block letters. These are not to be recycled. Only put the sealed container in your trash.

Biohazardous waste should be handled carefully and disposed of safely. Your best option is to contact our professional team and inquire about your biohazardous material concerns.

Let Us Take Care of Your Waste Disposal Needs!

If you have any questions and want to learn more about our industry solutions, contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you along the process and answer all of your questions.

If you want to get started right away, then click below and fill out our service request form and one of our service experts will be in touch with you.