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Bulk Trash And Large Items Outside For Rumpke Trash Pickup Bulk Trash And Large Items Outside For Rumpke Trash Pickup 1

Bulk Trash Pickup

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Not everything fits in a trash can. Whether you are finally tackling cleaning up your garage, updating furniture throughout your house or clearing clutter to make room for your new home office, Rumpke can help properly dispose of bulky trash and large items.

We understand that not every home or business will be the same.

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That is why we offer various bulk trash pickup options to fit your schedule and needs. These include dumpster rentals, Haul-it-Away service (where available) and curbside collection. Each has its advantages based on the size, type and condition of the items you wish to remove.

A Rumpke Open Top Dumpster In A Residential Driveway For Bulk Trash

Dumpster Rental

For a lot of bulky items, our dumpster rental options may the right choice for you. Sign up below and our professional team will deliver a dumpster to your property for you to fill at your convenience.

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Bookshelf Couch And Two Televisions Outside For Rumpke Bulk Trash Removal


Haul-it-Away is our full-service junk removal team. Contact us below to see if you’re in our service area. Our team will arrive to pick up your large items and responsibly dispose of them.

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Wheeled Trash Cart On Curb For Rumpke Bulk Trash Pickup

Curbside Pickup

Probably our most popular bulk trash pickup service option is curbside pickup. This is ideal when you have a few small bulky items that you want to dispose of on trash day. 

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Preparing for Bulk Trash Pickup

To ensure timely collection and to prevent neighbors from staring at Grandpa Joe’s worn out recliner at the curb for days, call our customer service team to schedule collection and review how to properly prepare items for collection.

Mattress and box springs count as one large item. Prior to placing curbside, please wrap and seal in plastic (you can find mattress bags or rolls of plastic at home improvement stores).

Worn out couches, broken chairs, outdated chairs can all be placed curbside. Upholstered furniture should be wrapped and sealed in plastic. If the furniture has drawers, drawers should be emptied and drawers taped shut.

Bulky items like drywall, concrete and bricks aren’t accepted curbside. Contact our team to discuss alternative disposal options.

Rumpke can accept appliances with freon properly removed. Please have a certified technician complete the refrigerant statement (link to PDF) and affix to the appliance.

Why Use Rumpke?

Dependable Pickup Schedules

Our reliable service is why millions of customers and 60,000 businesses use Rumpke to manage their waste stream.

Wide Variety of Services

We have a wide range of capabilities and equipment to handle your needs, no matter how extensive or minimal they may be.

Customized Service and Competitive Pricing

After nearly 100 years in business, Rumpke knows how to serve your waste and recycling needs at competitive prices.

Environmentally Responsible

Rumpke’s network of award-winning landfills and recycling facilities are designed to protect the environment and public health.

Advanced Technology and Innovative Strategies

Since the beginning, Rumpke has grown by looking for new and innovative ways to deal with our region's waste stream.

Professional, Dedicated Teams

Rumpke’s team of nearly 4,000 team members are dedicated to delivering exceptional service while providing essential and reliable services to our customers.

Select Your Service Options

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