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Rumpke's Drop-Box Recycling Program is a Win for Recyclers

Drop-box recycling programs are an effective, efficient, and adaptable solution to meet municipal goals and increase recycling in the region.

Rumpke’s recycling drop-box programs are helping many Ohio communities increase recycling and lower costs.

Ease and convenience for residents and coordinators is the focus of the program. Residents can recycle a variety of household items without separation, and coordinators benefit from an easy to manage and a cost-effective program that’s proven to increase recycling.

In Rumpke’s program, residents bring mixed material to a recycling site of their choice, and combine all accepted materials in Rumpke’s drop-box – no separation required. Rumpke trucks collect the recyclables and take it to a facility for sorting. Drop-boxes remain on-site at all times so residents can continue recycling.

At the recycling facility, Rumpke uses advanced  technology to mechanically separate each item by type. The sorted material is sent to Rumpke’s partners to make new products.

Rumpke has extensive experience helping municipalities reach their recycling goals. Rumpke has worked to implement and expand recycling programs for the following municipal partners:

Ohio Programs:

  • Delaware County
  • Licking County
  • Knox County
  • Ross-Pickaway-Highland-Fayette Solid Waste Management District
  • Gallia-Jackson-Meigs-Vinton Solid Waste Management District
  • Ottawa-Sandusky-Seneca Solid Waste Management District
  • Geauga-Trumbull Solid Waste Management District
  • Hamilton County
  • Darke County
  • Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste Management District
  • Preble County
  • Butler County
  • Coshocton County, OH

Kentucky Programs:

  • Ashland
  • Russell
  • Pendleton County
  • Campbell County
  • Kenton County
  • Henry County
  • Gallatin County

West Virginia Programs:

  • Cabell County

Indiana Programs:

  • Jackson County
  • South Eastern Indiana Recycling District

On top of more sites, services and recycling options, Rumpke also works with coordinators to promote the program and support its growth through recycling education and related initiatives.

The most successful programs are a collaborative effort between Rumpke, residents and coordinators. By combining tonnage measurements with first-hand feedback, Rumpke works with communities to track, evaluate and adapt the program for cost-effective growth.

Rumpke’s regional operation gives residents access to the most advanced recycling methods, which increase the benefits of recycling and support regional manufacturers that use the material to make new products. As a recycling leader, Rumpke is helping the communities recycle more and trash less.