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How to Recycle Plastic Bags

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Many people receive plastic bags while shopping for clothing or getting groceries. But what exactly are you supposed to do with these bags once they’ve fulfilled their purpose?

While many people would throw these bags away, that’s not actually the best solution. Plastic bags are a problem in Rumpke’s landfill because the wind can easily blow them around the property. Bags get stuck in fences, trees, and even land in our neighbors’ yards. When this happens, we have to send employees out to collect these bags.

Other people think that because a bag is plastic, it can be put in their Rumpke recycling bin. Unfortunately, this is not the case either. Rumpke currently only accepts plastic bottles and jugs. Plastic bags get caught in our recycling plant’s rotating machines, and when that happens we have to stop all plant activity to remove the bag.

The solution?

Rumpke encourages all of its customers to take plastic bags back to the store they came from. Most superstores or grocery stores have a plastic bag only recycling container in the front entrance. These bags are then taken to another recycling facility that has the means and equipment to recycle plastic bags properly.