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Meet Our Environmental Experts Brad Marlow


Name: Brad Marlow 

Job at Rumpke: Industrial Waste Specialist

How long have you worked at Rumpke? 12 years

What are some of your job duties? I work with manufacturers to properly manage their non-hazardous waste streams. This involves meeting with a customer or potential customer and taking a close look at the types of waste that are produced in their manufacturing process. From there we determine the most responsible way to dispose of the waste, or even find a new use for it.

What are some of your qualifications? I have a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Indiana University and I’m a certified landfill manager with hazardous waste site worker training. I’ve earned many additional OSHA certifications over the course of my 20-year career in the waste and recycling industry.

How has Rumpke positioned itself as a leader in recycling or environmental stewardship? I think the self-audit process utilized by Rumpke’s Engineering and Environmental Affairs department is a great program that helps our landfills and transfer stations exceed compliance required by regulatory agencies. Watch Rumpke's landfill videos to learn more about environmentally responsible disposal.

How do you promote recycling and responsible waste disposal? The best tool I can utilize is the waste audit. Many times we identify waste streams produced by companies that could be better managed. In some cases we are able to find beneficial reuse for materials such as concrete and soil. Beneficial reuse is another way to help companies meet their sustainability goals.

Why are recycling and proper waste disposal important? Individuals should always be concerned with the waste they generate, but this is also an important responsibility for companies. My job at Rumpke is to help these larger generators be environmentally responsible.