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Rumpke Celebrates America Recycles Day


At Rumpke, we pride ourselves on being everyday environmentalists. From our highly engineered landfills to our state-of-the-art recycling centers, we are investing in the best available technology to protect the health and safety of our neighbors and the environment.

On average, American households produce nearly one ton of garbage per year. As we celebrate America Recycles Day, we ask residents and businesses to be mindful of what they throw away.

Expanding the Efforts

Studies show that more than half of the materials discarded at landfills are recyclable. To reduce that statistic, Rumpke searches for the latest technology, programs and long-term manufacturing partners to bolster recycling in our communities. For example, we offer larger carts (65-96 gallons) in our curbside program and organize public drop-off containers. 

Our objective is to broaden the scope of recycling options for everyone--such as businesses and construction sites--and increase availability in public spaces like universities, entertainment venues, sports arenas, and more. Browse our recycling solutions for commercial and residential customers

Community Centric

America Recycles Day reminds us that a thriving circular economy runs on the knowledge and awareness of ecological alternatives. At Rumpke, we aim to communicate accessible information to you through education and community engagement.

Rumpke offers several educational opportunities, such as facility tours and presentations, to help students, customers, partners and neighbors understand the benefits of recycling, observe facility processes and discuss available options. To reach our service communities offsite, team members companywide occasionally attend public events to share information and answer your questions.

Collaborative Sustainability

To recycle more effectively in our neighborhoods, there must be a strong collaboration among businesses, residents and civic leaders to divert recyclable material from the waste stream. To do our part, Rumpke continues to locate and build relationships with manufacturers to facilitate a greener economy.

As consumers, we can make sustainable decisions by reusing the items we have and selecting more products made from recyclable materials. In alignment with these eco-conscious values, Rumpke strives to implement green initiatives in our daily operations. Some examples include:

  • Constructed landfill gas to energy systems at some of our landfills to power neighboring homes and businesses. More than 70,000 homes are powered with energy from Rumpke landfills.
  • Partnered with Clean Fuels Ohio in 2011 and received $800,000 in grant funding from the U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities Ohio. Today, Rumpke continues to add more vehicles that run on compressed natural gas (CNG).
  • Continues to add more vehicles that run on compressed natural gas (CNG) to our fleets.

Rumpke’s Recycling Guide

With more than 1.4 billion pounds of materials processed at Rumpke’s regional recycling facilities in 2023, it’s clear that residents have embraced recycling. To make the process more efficient, we encourage everyone to celebrate America Recycles Day by avoiding “wish cycling” and accidentally tossing in unaccepted material.

Oftentimes, if items are rejected at our recycling centers, it’s due to high levels of contamination mixed in the stream, (i.e., material not on our acceptable list). Not to worry; as your recycling leader, Rumpke is dedicated to providing quality resources to you and clearing the clutter around recycling!

Recyclable Items

You can reference Rumpke's list of acceptable recyclables. Our five categories include:

- Paper and cardboard
- Plastics (bottles, jugs tubs and cups)
- Metal (aluminum, steel and tin cans)
- Glass bottles and jars (all colors including clear)
- Cartons and aseptic containers

Recycling Tips

Ever confused about how to place your recyclables in the bin? Refer to our useful tips:

- Mix all items together–no separation required
- Empty all bottles, jugs and cans and ensure they are fairly clean
- No need to remove labels
- For plastic bottles: empty and reattach lids
- For cartons: remove plastic caps and straws
- Do not bag your recyclable items—place items loose in the recycling container
- Optional–crush cans or bottles to save room in your bin

You can keep up to date on the latest recycling factoids, updates and news by following Rumpke’s social media on Facebook, X and Instagram.

Common Non-Acceptable Items

The following non-accepted items are considered “tanglers”, which get jammed in the machines used to separate recyclables. Do NOT place these items in your recycling:

- Plastic bags
- Chains
- Hoses
- VHS tapes
- Metal hangers
- Holiday lights
- Clothing, blankets and bedsheets

Other unwanted objects include flammable and hazardous materials, which can cause fires, explosions or pose safety risks to employees:

- Lithium-ion batteries
- Propane tanks
- Car parts
- Needles and syringes
- Electronics
- Scrap metal

Other big no’s include items Rumpke can not effectively sort from the other material and items that manufacturers are not able to use as a raw material to produce new products.

- Styrofoam
- Drinking glasses
- Shrink wrap
- Bulky plastics—this includes buckets, toys, litter boxes etc.
- Light bulbs
- Bed sheets/textiles
- Ceramics
- Yard waste—Rumpke has a separate pick-up service for this

Special collection programs exist for some of the items Rumpke can’t accept. Your solid waste district will have resources for these items, such as designated drop-offs or annual collection events of certain materials.

Recycle Right

Although America Recycles Day occurs once a year, Rumpke uses every day as an opportunity to help shape a greener community. Contact us or send us questions via our social media channels. We want to guarantee that your efforts result in environmental benefits for one another and future generations.