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Rumpke Partners With Local Trade School to Train Mechanics

BUTLER, Ky. – Oct. 27, 2011 – Rumpke of Kentucky is donating its expertise and equipment to the Boone County Area Technology Center to help train the next generation of diesel mechanics.

“In our business, we need a lot of mechanics to keep our trucks on the road,” said Jerry Metzger, regional vehicle maintenance manager, Rumpke. “Boone County has a good mechanics program, but it has limited training funds, so we wanted to lend some equipment to the students to assist in their education.”

Rumpke donated a Navistar 530 E engine to help the students learn how to work on modern truck systems.

“Many schools don’t have access to the newer engine types and are still using models with early 1980s or 1990s fuel systems,” Metzger said. “We need our mechanics to be able to walk in the door and hit the ground running to repair our equipment.”

In addition to the engine, Rumpke is also providing the technical center with the training material used by its mechanics team as well additional equipment including anti-lock braking system sensors, tone rings, modulator valves, failed parts for component testing as well as electronic control modules from a wrecked truck.

“Our school has one of the only three diesel technology courses left in the state,” said Brian King of Boone County Area Technology Center. “Without partnerships with companies like Rumpke, we would not be able to teach this trade to our students. We are still trying to show the local high schools that there is an extreme shortage of qualified diesel technicians in the Tri-State area and that it is a very lucrative trade to be in. With Rumpke’s help, we can continue to educate our students, along with the public, and fill the positions needed to keep the diesel industry moving well into the next century.”

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