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Rumpke Provides Hundreds of Green Jobs in the Miami Valley

DAYTON, Ohio—March 26, 2012—A U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic’s report released March 22 listed Ohio as a leading state for green jobs. More than 200 green jobs in the Miami Valley are provided through Rumpke, a local firm which collects trash and recycling.

Rumpke processes recycling for the City of Dayton and many other municipalities, schools and businesses throughout the region.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics green goods and services report defined green jobs as those which “benefit the environment.” Rumpke’s green jobs include:

• Trash and recycling collection drivers

• Recycling facility workers

• Sales and professional positions which promote recycling

“Our green jobs are not limited to the employees inside our recycling plant,” said Regional Vice President Michael Bramkamp. “As an environmental firm, we are committed to the proper disposal of solid waste but also conserving natural resources through recycling. In 2011, we invested $20 million in our recycling operations in Ohio.”  

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