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Why Does Trash & Recycling Go Into the Same Truck?

Garbage Trucks Pick Up Trash And Recyclables

We occasionally get a call from a resident asking us why does the trash and recycling go into the same truck? They might tell us that a driver is tossing recyclables into what appears to be a garbage truck. We always fully investigate these observations; however, time and time again we have found these calls are more accurately a case of mistaken identity.

The truth is that the same trucks are often used for both trash and recycling. That is, the same trucks used to collect trash are the same trucks used to collect recycling.

Technology Upgrades

In the early 2000s, Rumpke began upgrading the technology at its recycling facilities to make recycling easier for residents and businesses alike.

The move to single stream sorting technology allowed residents to combine all recyclables into one container and allowed Rumpke to stop the time-consuming task of separating recyclables at the curb. This is what has allowed us to upgrade to a rear load truck to collect recyclables. 

Rear Load Trucks for Recyclables & Trash

These trucks offer more capacity and a compaction system, ensuring greater routing efficiencies and cost effective services for our customers.

These are the same types of trucks we use to collect trash; however, I assure you - we send one truck to collect recyclables and a different one to collect garbage.

Larger Trash & Recycling Containers

While the change in trucks may cause some temporary confusion, the truck upgrade also enables us to offer residents larger recycling containers. These containers offer many benefits including a lid to prevent littering, wheels for easy mobility and additional capacity for residents to recycle more. As we continue to upgrade our truck fleet to these rear load trucks, more residents will have the opportunity to upgrade to these larger containers and increase their recycling efforts.

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